Today we’re launching Static Revival, a resource to help developers build new static websites and apps. is a directory of tools, plugins, static site generators, and news about the static web.

Why a static revival? I’ve said it before; you should be building static sites.

Dynamic websites have bloated the internet with lethargic, vulnerable content for too long. Why? Because building out simple sites on top of vulnerable database-driven architecture feels more convenient then just delivering simple, secure content.

Static Revival


The time of change is upon us. There is a growing movement to build data-base free sites and apps, and static CMS solutions (like BowTie) to make static both painless and liberating.

Looking for a place to start? I suggest you consider learning Jekyll or one of the hundreds of static site generators available, and check out the latest static web news. Then head over to the resource section to get a handle on all the static site tools and plugins you can start using right now.



Static Revival stands on the shoulders of giants. We’ve pulled together resources from several static web pioneers, evangelists, and service providers. If you know of a resource we missed, please tell us about it by tweeting the site admin @static_revival

P.S. - We’re looking to share user stories. Send submissions to


If you’re building CMS driven client sites and haven’t made the move to static, take a look at BowTie. We help you build faster, leaner, safer sites; with the convenience of a CMS and none of the hassle.

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