BowTie was proud to sponsor and support two Startup Weekend events during Kauffman Foundation’s Global Entrepreneurship Week and GEW Startup Barttle 2015.

Our founders and evangelists were onsite in Boulder, CO and Albuquerque, NM to coach Startup Weekend competitors. We also sponsored participants with free platform licenses for teams who needed to host and ship a super fast static site.

Several teams took advantage of BowTie’s rapid development and deployment capability, giving them time to validate their ideas, work on aspects of their business plans, and fine tune their pitches.

We were ecstatic to support Buzz Wearables third place win in Boulder - the birthplace of Startup Weekend! In 54 hours the Buzz founders were able to validate the concept, design and 3D print a prototype, and deploy a fully customized static marketing site on BowTie, allowing them to begin capturing user feedback and sign ups.

About Buzz Wearables


Buzz is a wearable device that syncs with your smart phone to monitor blood alcohol content in real time. The mobile application allows you to create a user profile, notify your friends circle, and request a ride when you’re intoxicated. ‘Know your drink and play it safe with Buzz.’ You can find Buzz online at and on Twitter @BWearable

Buzz Co-Founder John Lowery said this about working with BowTie:

Bowtie is a great platform that’s particularly useful for rapid prototyping. Deployment with Bowtie is analogous to the creation of a GitHub repository, making it easy for your development team to launch within minutes. Bowtie also includes bolt-on analytical features on an intuitive dashboard to monitor your audience.

When asked whats next, John said he’s working to extend the site as they continue to validate and develop the product.


Overall, it was an awesome weekend full of great energy and passionate solutions. You’ll be seeing the BowTie team at more hackathons and events in the future. There’s nothing more satisfying than enabling someone else’s success.

Many thanks to the organizers in both cities, and all the participants in Startup Weekend and GEW Startup Battle 2015, as well as our fellow sponsors. To learn more about each event visit: Startup Weekend Boulder and Startup Weekend Albuquerque

If you’re running a hackathon or event in the future whose participants would benefit using BowTie, please reach out.

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