Sometimes, the best way to learn something is to fall flat on your face in front of 500 people. If that’s true, next Wednesday’s ‘Founder F#ck Ups’ is sure to one of the most entertaining and insightful panels of Denver Startup Week.

Scott Maloney - BowTie

We’re excited to have our Co-Founder and CEO Scott Maloney join the panel. Come by LOCATION to learn about Scott’s highs and low at BowTie, Living Social, Pfizer and more. Stories of failure help us all maintain a level perspective while pursuing potentially risky new ventures. And some sources, like Fast Company, rightly consider the tales of ‘screwing up’ a timely and relevant source of information for young entrepreneurs.

Billed as an ‘Opportunity for founders to meet and go over their personal “f#ck up” stories in an effort to help other founders avoid in the future’, the event is being held Thursday 10/1, from 2:00pm — 3:30pm at Galvanize Platte. Swing for the chance to hear some great stories and ask your toughest questions. And, don’t forget to find me in the audience to grab a tattoo or sticker.

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UPATE: Galvanize recently posted the full video of the session. You can watch it here: