In a few days, we’ll start sending exclusive invitations to join the RazorSite MVP. Some of the feedback we’ve received to date are:

  • What is RazorSite and who is it for?

  • How will it help me ship an MVP faster?

  • Do I need to look good in a bow tie in order to get an invitation?

Before we ship our MVP, we felt it would be useful to give some background on the project and context on the initial and future feature set.

Our Story

Not too long ago, James, Scott, and I were kicking around too many app ideas to count. Given our respective backgrounds of developer, startup junkie, and designer, we knew it would take a lot of time to launch even the first of those ideas unless we streamlined the steps from MVP to market.

After a late night at our speakeasy (it’s a little converted garage with a huge whiteboad and a hidden door) James struck on the idea for the platform and RazorSite was born.

It didn’t take long to realize that this self-serving project would be useful to other developers. And as we talked to friends and collaborators, a theme emerged: time and again developers referenced ‘an app (or 3) that they spun up in their free time, but didn’t want to release/market because the hassle to do so wasn’t worth their investment of time.’

RazorSite simplifies the process of turning your software into a business. It combines some of the best available developer tools (and a few new ones) with a dynamic hosting environment built around your project.

How RazorSite helps you ship your MVP

Here’s what you, the developer, are likely doing to get your MVP out now:

MVP launch before

With RazorSite, we’re aiming for this:

MVP launch before


We believe you should build your app the way you want to. RazorSite won’t change or interrupt your existing dev process. When your core app is ready, our platform helps you move from localhost to the global market. We’ve designed our platform for stability, ease of use, and scalability. We’ll be with you from startup to exit.


Our platform provides a suite of tools and services to turn your beta app into a business. 30 seconds after signing up, you can push your app into a pre-configured development pipeline, with a scalable back end, fast hosting & CDN, a marketing website templates, and pre-built user management, analytics, and a sales pipeline to help you optimize conversions. Save time setting up critical services with a powerful API, simple UI, and reliable support.


Move code from Development to Staging to Master with a single command (even in the UI) and the power of git version control. Our powerful analytics make it easy to validate your product, view every action within your app, ship better features, and repeat.

The Beginning of a Conversation

We’re excited to collaborate with you and we need your help! RazorSite isn’t a finished product until you have the tools you need. We’re issuing a limited number of invites for the MVP, and comping the $5 per month hosting fee for participants. If you would like to participate please contact us.