⋈ BowTie is designed to help developers ship code and deliver market-ready software. As we build the RazorSite platform, we’re shipping a lot of code. We try to ship on a manageable schedule, with careful planning, and thorough testing. But, anyone who has shipped against a deadline knows that as you race to the finish, things don’t always go as planned.

When time estimates fail, the last couple days can easily become a dreaded ‘death march.’ Death marches often lead to bad code, feature triage, unexpected delays, or worse. We made a mistake setting the date and feature list for the ⋈ BowTie MVP — and we should have seen it coming. We let hubris and enthusiasm set the course before our launch, landing us short of our goal and smack in the middle of a death march.

In the end, the ⋈ BowTie MVP got out on time, and we’re proud of what we shipped. That said, there are a few missing pieces and unfinished features that we feel are important to disclose, along with a handful of issues uncovered in the first week of user testing.

Please keep these things in mind before you start working:

  • We’re not offering custom domains in the MVP, yet. We’re working to resolve a DNS issue and will roll out the feature when it is stable.

  • Payments and Subscription functions are limited. Our vision is to provide the easiest way to tie a user pipeline to Stripe. Good things are coming, please send along your ideas.

  • Expect upcoming performance improvements. As we introduce our first users to the system our CDN is running in reserve capacity.

We are working tirelessly to ship a stable product that meets your needs and our product vision. We hate to get things wrong, and will take the time required to get them right. As features are rolled out, we’ll alert you by email and update the release section of our docs. In the future, we are planning to disclose our current epic status and/or expose aspects of our issue tracker and dev pipeline for better transparency.

We’re really thankful for your support!

For more information, please read our Docs on this release.

Questions? Please Comment! We love feedback.