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Get 1 hosted Project (e.g. '')

  • Always SSL security

    Email Support
  • Add-On Projects: [Upgrade to Add]
  • Up to 100 builds per month
$ 10 /mo
5+ Projects

  • Always SSL security

    Priority Email Support
  • Add-On Projects: $8
  • Up to 250 builds per month
  • Concurrent builds allowed
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The Internet is Broken

Let's fix it with faster, more secure, and less bloated static sites.

We believe in a world where shipping feature-rich static sites is easy, site security is commonplace, and developers are allowed to focus on their ideas rather than the cruft that gets in the way of execution. Whether you're working on your next big idea or client site, the RazorSite platform helps you deploy faster with less effort - complemented by a no-hassle backend that can scale with your success.