Migrating to RazorSite from BowTie.io

Instructions for migrating your BowTie.io site to RazorSite

How to Migrate from BowTie.io to RazorSite

Login or SignUp for GitHub


  • Pull your old project repositories from Bowtie.io
    • Ensure SSH key is uploaded to your account: https://bowtie.io/keys
    • Clone (or pull latest) from “SSH Clone Url” (e.g. 'git clone git@git.bowtie.io:my-project.git') field on project dashboard
      • Repeat for each project you need to migrate
      • Note the location you saved the files

Create new repository* on GitHub

(e.g. 'github.com/myusername/my-project') * Repeat for each project

  • Add GitHub as remote for each BowTie.io project and push the files to (for each branch/env to copy)
    • git remote add github git@github.com:myusername/my-project
    • git push github master
    • Replace “master” with branch names for any environments to copy

Login and/or signup to RazorSite (using GitHub account)

Create new Project on Razorsite

  • Select project repository from GitHub repo list
  • Add any additional environments from other branches copied

Add custom domains

  • Verify & configure for project after created and functional on hosted domain

Need Help? Contact Bowtie.co Digital Agency for a flat fee migration.